Our Success.
Below are stories of young adults that grew up here at Sidewalk Sunday School. They started attending the program at just 4 and 5 years old. Today, they help drive bus routes to pick up children right in their own neighborhoods. They lead classrooms, tutor students, manage performing arts teams and not to mention are completing their final years in our School of Ministry.

I remember Pastor Louie from the moment I met him at 4 years old. He was a tall, smiling, 6í4 man who knocked on our door in the housing projects to invite me and my brothers to Sidewalk Sunday School. That day set the course for my destiny and led me to accept Christ when I was 8 years old, encouraged me to join Teen Leadership at 11 years old, and provided a full scholarship for me to attend a private Christian High School. Today I am a 3rd year School of Ministry student serving in ministry, ministering to children, and leading in multi-media and creative arts! My life will never be the same!!! Thank you!


As the youngest in my family, I witnessed a lot as my home was filled with drugs, violence and neglect. My big brother carried me to Sidewalk Sunday School on his shoulders every week when I was 3 years old, and Iíve been attending ever since. As I was a street kid, I knew that I couldnít make it on my own as I saw family members end up in jail. I kept getting on the bus for Sidewalk Sunday School and joined Teen Leadership as soon as I turned 12 years old. By the time I was 16, my family was moving out of state, and I turned to Sidewalk Sunday School and Pastor Louie. I moved into the Sidewalk Sunday School Boys Home and completed High School, and am now a 2nd year School of Ministry student. I also just obtained my license to drive a bus, so I can reach out to kids like me! I was that street kid that was rescued from the streets by Sidewalk Sunday School! Thank You!


When Pastor Louie met me, I was 5 years old and I was angry all the time. I hated my life but I loved Sidewalk Sunday School. Because of my anger, I often got into trouble for fighting with other kids. Pastor Louie would always tell me, ďGod has a plan for your life Jessica and He will take that anger away from you.Ē Pastor Louieís words came true when I joined Teen Leadership and confidence replaced my insecurity. I finally started to see how God could use me! Today, Iíve earned a Pastoral Ministry degree from a college in Ohio, and Iím nearing completion of my second degree through the School of Ministry! Iím serving the children of Sidewalk Sunday School as an education coordinator, bus driver, and childrenís minister. I am not angry anymore and I LOVE MY LIFE!