Reaching. Giving. Changing.

Thank you for visiting Sidewalk Sunday School online! Our ministry outreach began in 1997 and serves thousands of inner-city children and teenagers with a holistic approach. Our programming addresses the spiritual, educational, physical, mental and emotional needs that so often get neglected in children living in impoverished communities. When you encounter children in at-risk situations, you cannot simply tell them everything will be alright and expect them to persue change and success. Instead, you have to be there for that child in a host of different ways including feeding them, clothing them, educating them, counseling them, visiting them, and so much more.

Our programs stem from over 20 years of children's outreach experience from Luis R. Reyes (Pastor Louie). They mold and shape kids into successful leaders amongst their peer groups and also grows them into productive young adults!

For over 15 years, Sidewalk Sunday School's work of compassion and outreach has served the children in the Lake County, Illinois and Kenosha County, Wisconsin areas providing hope for a brighter future.  We have been committed to serving local communities ravaged by crime, drugs, poverty, and illiteracy with a "Whatever it Takes" attitude.

Thank you for visiting and we hope you to partner with you to continue to bring lasting change to communities  and to children!